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Individual Relations

The success of an individual starts with a proper intra-personal relation. If you dont love yourself it will be difficult to give out love. Charity begins at home


Relationships and friendship heart to heart discussions addresses the challenge of keeping intimacy alive


Families exert a powerful impact on our lives. When families get stuck, everyone is affected. When it works well, they are a deep source of support.

Feeling depressed about any issue"

Feel free to share your burdens with us, it could be your relationship, personal or

family affairs you have 100% assurance that you can confide in us and we will talk about it.

We’ll help you heal

Many relationships dont usually end well and as a result of that some of the affected partners always find it difficult to heal from the break up. We are gifted in providing emotional healing and support to people through our seminars, support groups, counselling sessions, online community, forums, Podcast and all our other media channels.