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When you start dating someone, there are many fun things sweeter than sex you both can explore.

If you are a resourceful person upstairs, there are ways to add value to your partner, and in the process, you can both understand each other better.

Teach her how to drive (if you have a car as a guy), how to write a good job application, how to build her business on IG, setup her linkedin profile and scale it to level 3.

Within the first three months, use it and scale her business on instagram, Facebook and her linkedin profile too.

For the ladies, find a way to improve his life, show interest in his business, advertise on IG, link his business to internet, show him that you are useful for other things rather than sex.

Study each other’s dreams and synchronize them. Then map out the course for it brick by brick.

Place a big white cardboard paper on a table. Let both of you sit on the chair.

Use maker and draw an illustration diagram of a 5yrs plans for both of you and show each other how you want your goals to move in stages.

At every stage define and label the actions and commensurate strategies to be deployed.

Link your goals together and spot the links and synergy. Extrapolate the connection and strength and also expound on how to leverage on it.

Discuss your weaknesses. Jot them down on the board or cardboard paper on the table.

Once you are done, consider how to overcome those your weaknesses productively. Talk about how to help each other overcome it.

By the time you do these things and occupy yourselves with such deep brain draining task and maintain it, in 3months you will not have time to think of sex. The day you will do it, it will be something extraordinary and by then you’re done with the bride price

You need to romance a woman’s mind first before you get to her body.

Penetrate each other’s mind and subconscious and let your chemistry flow naturally and incessantly. Bring value to the table not just sex.

That is how to build a solid and healthy friendship that can lead and prepare you for marriage.


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