Why do side chicks enjoy more attention from husbands? -Hopeful remedy

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Good evening beautiful ladies in the house,
My name is ifeoma nkiruka Onyema, I am a relationship expert and the coordinator of the Facebook group ifydivine free relationship opinion ifydivinefro.

Our topic for discussion this evening goes this way:
Why do side chicks easily enjoy more attention from husbands? -Hopeful remedy

I am not long speech maker but I assume everyone reading this, is aware of the trend of things in our society today.

I would like to list out, some few possible reasons, why we think that side chicks do enjoy people’s husbands more than the the main wife!

Why does it seem that women are lonelier as married ladies than they were when they are single

Why do men press their phones unending even while their wives are dieing for love and attention

Atimes these women end up seeking for love and care outside their marriage just to maintain some kind of sanity

  1. Men only have few hours to spend with these side chicks but more time with wives and children
    There is an Igbo proverb(uto na aka mma na ntojelu) distance strengthens friendship. That is what strengthens their relationship. But as wives we are always there with the men, so we see each other’s fault regularly and consequently, boredom arises.

2.We care for children, we work, we care for parents, siblings and even husband, most times the strength to play is dead in the women.

  1. Some of we ladies are too less busy, we bore our men, we over depend on men
  2. Sex deprivation. Always giving excuse whether In anger or whatever reason. Most men gets offended when you deny them sex.

5.Lack of investment on one’s self
-some women don’t exercise
-you can’t even buy ok shot and top to wear at home (if you are asked you say no money. what about you work?)

  • some irritates their husbands with bad smell
    -alway putting on slippas and looking over casual.
  1. Some of us can nag, complain about everything. Making the husband feel bad and uncomfortable at home It is true that some men a naturally polygamous in nature
    -some are influenced by bad friends
    -some do it for fun and adventure

But atimes women (wives) also contributes in bringing their husbands closer to side chicks unknowingly.

Now, let’s consider some ways to curb these menace that is eating into the institution of marriage and has led to broken homes and consequently, increased crime in the society

  1. Don’t make yourself over available. Be available but don’t make yourself over imposing.
    Be careful not to be over demanding also. Make his time at home fun. If he loves watching football, pretend you enjoy it too. Ask for names of good footballers in his club and brows their pictures so when the are moving you can identify that they are on the move. Chat him up if he is the type that is always on line, all those funny messages and pictures you share to friends, send to him and that will give you both topic to discuss online.
  2. It’s not a bad idea to seek help. Getting a house help doesn’t mean you are lazy, the problem is when you are over dependent on the help. Stress is the fastest cause of female mortality in the world. Get help so you may have strength reserved for fun. The side chick that you are competing with don’t have as much responsibility as you do. Stress make you look older than your age and consequently, older than a side chicks who might be your age mate or most times older than you. Obviously the man will be easier attracted to the more attractive between wife and side chick
  3. Get a job
    Start a business
    Write a book
    Join a gym
    There are many things you can do to be busy so as not to be over dependent or over imposing on a man. Everyone needs a “me time” likewise your husband needs his space, that is why you need your own space.
  4. I am surprised to hear that some ladies deny their husbands sex when they are having issues or when they don’t give in to their demand. Funny you are indirectly telling him to go elsewhere, simple! And any man that have the means will go elsewhere. Sex is fun for both men and women equally, so why would you deny yourself fun, just to deny someone else?
  5. If you fail to invest in yourself as a lady, it means that you don’t love yourself. Looking good it’s a good business. Keep fit so you can be healthy and also be able to wear those clothes you love and look good for yourself and also attract your husband.

Let me give you a secret. Men are as insecure as ladies too. If you are always attractive he will be busy monitoring you the way you do monitor him because he knows that as you are attractive to him, you are also attractive to other men

  1. Don’t be a nagging Lady. It’s not everything you notice that you complain about. Ignore him when you noticed he is flirting with another lady, Ignore his nagging too. That way you can get him wondering your next move

Don’t let your man feel that without him, you are nobody. No, Be independent and also submissive with wisdom

Thanks for reading.

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