What We Do

Individual Relation

The success of an individual in life and love is really a measure of how one relates to other people. Individual psychotherapy typically focuses on the way a person’s childhood, family and life events impact and influence the present. Discovering what gets in the way of one’s success and happiness can be very complex, but in the end can be immensely gratifying. Individual counseling is a one on one relationship that focuses solely on helping you achieve your most important goals.

Couples and Marriage

Couples therapy addresses the challenge of keeping intimacy alive. Children, aging parents, job stress, life changes or financial pressures can all contribute to couples losing their deep emotional, physical and sexual connection. Are you disillusioned and despairing about your relationship? Is sex a struggle or not as fulfilling as it used to be—or not happening at all? Are you having the same arguments over and over again—without resolution? In couples therapy, I will offer you and your partner a safe and objective place to address these issues so you can capture the kind of relationship you so desperately want.


Families exert a powerful impact on our lives. When families get stuck, everyone is affected. When they are working well, they are a deep source of support. Family therapists work with the relationships and with the patterns of interaction within families. Careful attention is paid to the way that family members relate to each other. The work is active and supportive and offers feedback that encourages family members to approach each other very differently; in a way that facilitates growth, healing and healthy interactions.


Every couple hopes that they will live “happily ever after.” However, everyone enters a relationship with their own insecurities, values, expectations and biases. There can be tremendous pressure, disappointment and conflict when these clash and are at odds. They may have very different ideas about extended family involvement, religion, children, finances, sex and even the amount of time that they spend with each other and apart.

Pre-marital counseling is based on the concept of strengthening a relationship at the beginning, while the couple has fresh and positive energy to tackle the challenges and conflicts they will inevitably face. Couples will have an opportunity to candidly discuss areas of disagreement and concern and to develop the skills to supportively work through their differences.

Dating Coaching

For many, the experience of dating is disappointing and discouraging. Coaching can help you recognize any self-defeating behaviors that are undermining your very best efforts and getting in the way. The work will focus on helping you to clarify the qualities that are critically important to you so that you will make solid choices that offer the potential for gratifying, long-lasting relationships. For those who decide to enter the online dating arena, posting a profile that speaks to your best qualities in a way that captures the right attention is essential. I have helped dozens of coaching clients craft profiles that have stood out.

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